Mayan Families is honored to partner with a variety of organizations, including Rotary clubs, universities, churches, and other nonprofits to make positive change in Guatemala. Each distinct collaboration brings needed support, learning and a broader sense of community to our work. If your organization is interested in supporting our work, please contact us:

We are grateful for our partnerships with:

  • Upper Arlington Rotary Club
  • Optimist (Formerly Living On One)
  • The Ohio State University
  • Vista Hermosa Satelite Rotary Club of Guatemala
  • Aldea Maya
  • TriVillage Rotary Club
  • Paso por Paso
  • Kansas State University
  • Rotary E-Club of Lake Atitlan
  • Santa Barbara Rotary Club
  • Glen Ellen Rotary Club
  • El Directorio Guatemala


Mayan Families is thankful to receive donations through the work of Optimist for the implementation of community development projects in the small, rural village of Peña Blanca, the subject of their documentary series Living On One, and other similar communities. Please watch and share: