Maya-led, Community Driven


Prioritizing Collaboration and Driving Holistic Development


At Natün, we collaborate hand-in-hand with the Indigenous communities we serve to tackle the most pressing local challenges.

Our community partners best understand their own strengths and needs. That's why Maya leaders help shape our programming to holistically empower their communities.

We continuously adapt our education, health and economic initiatives to align with emerging priorities in each region. Community feedback and participation drive ongoing enhancements across all projects.

Centering local ownership creates lasting change. Our model uplifts cultural knowledge, amplifying solutions that people are invested in sustaining. We walk beside communities on their self-determined development paths, catalyzing transformation from within.

We sincerely appreciate the collaboration we receive from the entire Natün community, which encourages us to evolve and deepen our work in Guatemala.

Our Impact

Success Rooted in Community-Led Development

At Natün, we take a holistic approach to addressing social justice issues in Maya communities. Instead of focusing solely on one program area, we interconnect all our programs to tackle root causes. This comprehensive strategy aims to break the intergenerational poverty cycles, reduce oppression, and combat exploitation, ensuring a long-term, sustainable impact.

Our community-led programs are not isolated; they are globally connected. We align our efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and incorporate academic research into our programmatic model to ensure responsible and sustainable development.

natün guatemala strategy and impact report for 2024

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