We have changed our name to

Natün Guatemala

We will be launching our new website in the near future.

Erin Mooney

Executive Director

In Latin, Natün relates to birth, grow, and become as intended (Natus, Nature, Native). In Kaqchikel, Natün means to unite or come together, to align behind a common cause. And that is the work and the future of the organization, to unite for community, to grow and learn and to become our best together.


By donating, you are contributing to improving the education, nutrition & health and economic development in the Maya communities of the Lake Atitlán region in Guatemala.


The Mayan Families team checked my baby and realized that his health was not normal.  They referred me for tests and examinations… Thanks to all the help, my son is now improving in health, he is more active, starting to smile and move by himself, which he never did before.”


Norma Angélica, mother of Jonathan

Malnutrition Prevention Program

“My father forgot about the debt and us… it is thanks to my scholarship with Mayan Families that I have been able to keep going with my studies. Today, I am proud to be in 8th grade.”



Scholarship Program

¨The fact that Mayan Families provided us with work and materials when we could not leave the communities was a great help. We were able to avoid putting ourselves at risk and could work comfortably from our homes. We are so grateful to have received support in these critical times and to have the opportunity to continue learning.¨



Artisan Program



Building the next generation of Mayan leaders, with communities & families.

Nutrition & Health

Reducing malnutrition through culturally-relevant, holistic interventions.

Economic Development

Supporting families by providing them with new skills to increase income.

Trade Schools Shop

Browse our products made by local craft workers.


Students supported through our Scholarship Program
Students enrolled in our Preschools
Food support packs delivered to families at risk of malnutrition
Income Generated per artisan in USD