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In Latin, Natün relates to being born, growing, and becoming as intended (Natus, Nature, Native). In Kaqchikel, Natün means to unite or come together, to stand for a common cause. And that is the work and future of the organization, to come together for the community, to grow, learn and become our best together.

Centering Community Wisdom

Natün's Shared Threads

Natün's commitment to long-term, holistic community development is rooted in Indigenous communities and guided by six shared threads:

Indigenous Rights
Local Leadership
Cultural Relevance
Gender Equality
Partnerships for Systemic Change

Our Shared Threads reflect Natün's commitment to local communities and center Indigenous voices.

A Path to Meaningful Change: Programmatic Areas


Through youth leadership initiatives, comprehensive tutoring, early childhood education, and scholarships spanning K-12 to University, Natün is committed to nurturing the academic growth of the next generation.

Nutrition & Health

Our Nutrition & Health programs focus on preventing chronic malnutrition, providing essential agricultural training, and promoting community health.

Economic Development

Our Economic Development programs promote growth through our trade schools, microloans, access to markets and entrepreneurial mentorship.

Our impact 2023

Family gardens implemented and producing vegetables and medical plants
The midwives had an active participation in the training sessions on Pre and Post Natal topics
0 %
Women received training in various technical skills and business skills
The participants of Tradeschools Workshops indicated that they were not generating any income previously
0 %
Women participating in savings groups and microcredit programs
Community members are receiving training on environmental topics.
Youth leadership participants professional devevelopment skills
0 %
Participation of parents in the education of their children
0 %